Kid's Camp

Dear Cherry Creek Country Club Families,

Our Cherry Creek Country Club Kid’s Camp 2021 will be epic! The doom and gloom of 2020 is over and we get to look towards brighter and better futures. I think we all earned the light at the end of the tunnel. Along with all of the struggle and challenge last summer presented us with, it allowed the greatest amount of creativity, adjustability, and thankfulness I have ever experienced. We learned and grew together and now get to apply those lessons to the biggest and best summer ever!

While combining the safety and systems implemented last year with the camaraderie and full day fun of years past, this summer will be one to remember (in a good way this time). Gratefully returning to this year’s camp schedule will be lunches provided, free swim time in the pool, our amazing counselors staff, and of course our experienced camp management team Miriam, Tonya, and myself. The good things coming out of our mini camps last year such as smaller group sizes, individual days to sign up along with full week options, tennis and golf activities everyday, and safe cohorting will be returning as well. Our amazingly resilient and flexible kids and families deserve the best summer camp experience ever; we are committed, recharged, and excited to deliver exactly that all summer!

At this time, due to the current mandates and restrictions, our camp size is limited once again to ensure the safest practices and atmospheres for camps across the state. Of course, we wish we could invite and welcome as many children that wanted to come to camp as possible and are hopeful that mandates will be lifted and loosened as more progress is made closer to the kick off of the summer season. Once that happens, we will be opening our camp to more participation as allowed and is safe for families and staff.

I want to leave this Kid’s Camp 2021 intro letter with a heartfelt thank you from our experience with 2020. It will be talked about in hushed whispers for years, but for us at the CCCC and during our junior programs, it was truly a wonderful summer. Even with all the craziness and harshness in the world around us, getting to help and see your kids enjoy their time they spent with us at camp was the perfect medicine for a sick time of our lives. I am grateful for your trust in us, belief in our programs, and resourcefulness to navigate alongside and deliver the best parts of 2020. Now let’s get ready for some fun!

Stay healthy my friends!

Kyle Story

Sports and Recreation Director

Cherry Creek Country Club